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Getting Inspired at International Day 2019!

Published: July 6, 2019

Villagers had an exciting, unifying, and inspiring day at International Day 2019! 

Both the villagers and counselors had an awesome time atWaldsee participating in book readings, a triathlon, an iron chef competition, dancing, and trying all kinds of good food! The weather was overcast and cool enough for an exciting and active day at International Day. 

We raised our spirits and our voices walking on the polku (path) over to International Day. Our first stop was at Skogfjorden, where we had lunch and exchanged phrases with villagers from El Lago Del Bosque. When we got to the final destination, Waldsee, we had a song exchange with Skogfjorden (Norwegian), Skovsoen (Danish), and El Lago del Bosque (Spanish). Villagers and counselors were then able to roam around and buy food, play games, decorate the International Day Tapescape!

Hyvää Suomi! 
Teaching El Lago Del Bosque how to say "nice to meet you" in Finnish! 
Skogfjorden villagers inviting us to dance during their song exchange. 

Two of our counselors represented Salolampi in the Iron Chef competition and came in first place! Olemme voittajia! We are winners!

After taking time to check out all the amazing things to do at International Day 2019, we had our closing ceremony! Some of our villagers were recognized for their participation in the triathlon and the soccer tournament! Way to go!

Gathering together before the program began. 
Onnea, Tuula! Congrats, Tuula! 
Hyvää, Salolampi! 
Iida, our dean, giving recognition to our villagers who have been returning for 10 years. 
Our tehot (credit villagers) performing their I-Day Dance. A huge thanks to them for being great role models to our other villagers!  

If you would like to see the entire performance by our tehot (credit villagers) , watch the video below! 

As this near-record attendance International Day came to a close, we couldn't help but feel thankful to be a part of an organization like Concordia Language Villages. We are also so grateful for our villagers who come to these villages with open arms and ready to learn! 

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