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Another Perfect Kesämökkipäivä!

Published: July 8, 2019

We swam, we ate, and had a great time! 

Our second kesämökkipäivä was a great success! Villagers work very hard at learning, speaking, and experiencing Finnish language and culture here at Salolampi, so a day down at the lake was well deserved! While we do treat this time as a pause in our usual schedule, we know that spending time at a cabin and sauna-ing is something that the large majority of Finns do. It is an immersive activity that is loved by many! 

Having fun with friends! 
Enjoying nature down at the ranta (beach). 
Makkara and tikkuleipa!
Some very hungry villagers. 

After an afternoon of relaxing and recharging, we had our iltaohjelma (evening program)! One of our teho's, Tuula, planned and executed her very own ecology simulation/game. People were separated into groups of predators and prey. Each villager had a belt, with either a blue tag (predator) or a yellow tag (prey). Pieces of paper labeled as foods were scattered about the jalkapallokentä (soccer field) and the prey had to gather food without getting their tag taken away. At the first stage, if your tag was taken away you were wounded, but still had a chance to move up the food chain. If your tag was taken away during the second and third levels, you were unable to move forward. Villagers enjoyed this challenging and interactive simulation! 

Tuula leading the other villagers. Awesome work! 
Trying not to get tagged while attempting to get food. 
Making some trades. 
A good squeeze from a good friend! 
Drawing numbers to see whether or not they move up or down the food chain. 
Headed for the safe zone! 

Our kesämökkipäivä gave us all a chance to relax and recharge to get ready for our last week of the summer! Check out tomorrow's blog for more updates on this upcoming week. 

More photos.