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Two Sisters, Three Languages

Published: August 17, 2019

Language Discovery Pioneers!

Meet sisters Sydney (8) and Ella (5), the first day campers in Language Discovery Programs history to complete three full weeks of Twin Cities Day Camps in three different languages (Chinese, Spanish, and Norwegian)!  These exceptional sisters were enthusiastic participants in all three programs and had a great time training to be Mission Impossible agents this summer as they rescued not one, but three, world leaders! Staff across the language programs agreed: with their ease and level of engagement, it would be no surprise at all if they showed up as language immersion counselors themselves in the not-so-distant future! 

The two girls are second generation villagers at Concordia Language Villages.Their mother was also both a villager and staff member, and their grandmother is an alumn of Concordia College.  What a great and enduring connection! Chinese, Spanish, and Norwegian staff loved getting to know these two this summer and look forward to seeing them again soon, in any language!