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Spanish TCDC Musical Playlist 2019

Published: August 2, 2019

Singing time in Minnetonka Spanish

We sing and dance a lot during day camps! Both singing and dancing are a great way to learn languages; these activities get our bodies moving and our minds ready to take in all sorts of fun language. We use gesture, movement, rhyming, acting, and lots of repetition as we explore the vocabulary introduced during these fun moments,  and LOVE hearing stories about how our Spanish learners are sharing these songs and dances at home with family. Some have even been teaching their younger siblings! 

Since we've been getting requests from families for the names of some of the songs we've been playing with this year, we decided to put together a playlist of some of the musical hits for this summer's Spanish camp! Note that each camp this summer has selected a slightly different collection of songs to cover. Not every song on this playlist might have been covered at your child's camp, so you could even learn a few more new ones!