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Snowball Fight with Minnetonka Spanish Pre-K

Published: January 15, 2019

Snowball fight!

In Minnetonka Spanish pre-K this semester, we are learning about Natural Wonders, starting with the seasons and the weather associated with each of them. Hace frío! We began with winter, of course, making and decorating craft stick snowflakes and later on counting the letters in our names to make name-snowmen.

We had a “snowball” fight with crumpled up papers and learned a new freeze dance. Every time the teacher called out, "Congelado," all the kiddos had to freeze in position while the teacher found one person to call on. That person uncrumpled their paper and held it up for everyone to see - the group then called out the vocabulary word pictured on the paper, and then the game started all over again!

We also read the very popular book, La Oruga  Muy Hambrienta, by Eric Carle.  Kids were very excited to tell the teachers that they had this book at home, too!  See the story below: 

(Useful words and expressions)
Invierno - winter
Hace frío - it’s cold
Hace calor - it’s hot
Nieve - snow