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Parachute Spanish lessons in Eden Prairie

Published: February 15, 2019

"Parachute Lessons"

Approximately 500 Eden Prairie preschoolers have been busy learning Spanish this year, with weekly visits from two teachers (Veronica and Mayra) who "parachute" into regular preschool classrooms to share short language lessons with the kiddos. We have big groups and small groups, older groups and younger groups, but every day is a new experience working and playing with language!

Some of the highlights/resources from the past months:

Last December, we learned some acciones; saltar (to jump), bailar (to dance), caminar (to walk), correr (to run). Also, we learned to talk about how we are feeling today: feliz (happy), enojado (angry) triste (sad), sorprendido (surprised), tengo sueño (I’m sleepy) tengo hambre (I’m hungry).

We also learned some forms of transportation, including: carro (car), autobus (bus), avion (plane), tren (train) and barco (boat) and where these modes of transport travel: aire (air), tierra (ground) or agua (water).

Marcha, marcha, marcha 

Descubriendo los Transportes 

This semester, we began our new theme of Natural Wonders.

We have been learning about invierno (winter) and the clothes we have to wear in this season: chaqueta (jacket), pantalon (jeans), botas (bots), zapatos (shoes), bufanda (scarf), gorro (hat) and guantes (gloves).

Ponte Tus Zapatos 

We have also been working on the characteristics of day and night, and learning some words to describe these: sol (sun), luna (moon) estrellas (stars) and some of the things we do during these times.

Doki Descubre porque se hace de Noche 

Children have also been learning about the animales de la jungle ( animals from the jungle) and their sounds: gorila (gorilla), cocodrilo (crocodile), mono (monkey), serpiente (snake), tigre (tiger) and tucan (tucan).

En La Selva Me Encontré 
El Bugui de La Selva 

This week, we are going to have some fun making corazones (hearts) and learning some definitions about dia de San Valentin (Valentine’s day): te quiero (I love you), beso (kiss), abrazo (hug), gracias (thank you).

Te quiero es en serio 

Coming up:

During the next weeks, we are going to learn about animals from different places and different ecosystems:

Animales del mar (ocean animals); foca (seal), tiburon (shark), ballena (whale), delfin (delphin), pez (fish).

Animales de Africa (animals from Africa): leon (lion), elefante (elephant), cebra (zebra), jirafa (giraffe),  hipopotamo (hippo).

Some other fun songs from these past months include: 

La Tiritita 
El Baile de los Animales 
Soy una Serpiente 
Mi Cuerpo Hace Musica