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Overheard at Twin Cities Day Camps 2019

Published: August 7, 2019

Mission Impossible Agents (Elk River)

This year's theme of Mission Impossible has been a hit so far with Spanish and Chinese day campers who have taken the theme to heart. We do take our play rather seriously, but humorous moments do come up during the course of a summer and we wanted to share just a few of these with you! 

First of all, we've heard lots of great insights on what it takes to be a good secret agent. We  found out there are a lot of amazing young language learners out there in the Twin Cities, brim-full of enthusiasm and ready to participate! And, as it turns out, many of our language learners reported for duty with a little espionage experience of their own!

Overheard this summer: 

“I’m really good at being sneaky! At home, I can sneak chocolate all the way from the kitchen into my room at night, without my parents knowing.”

-Day camper

“I’ve been practicing being a spy since kindergarten!”

-First grade day camper

“I’m good at being a spy. I practice [being a spy] on my family all the time.”

-Day camper

“My daughter really enjoyed camp this week. She kept coming home and talking about finding the president of China, except she calls him, ‘The principal of China.’”

-Parent of a preschool daycamper


Our language learners have worked hard to chisel away at ambiguous clues and suspicious moments. Their mission to protect the president has been a challenging one and emotions have been running high. Check out what happens when this group of Spanish learners locate the missing president of Costa Rica (affectionately called Carlos) and do their best to bring him to safety!