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Norwegian preschoolers experience life in the Arctic

Published: January 19, 2019


The theme for Norwegian preschool J-term is Life in the Arctic (Arktis). What better way to start out the theme than by playing with snow?  It was pretty crunchy, but after warming up a little indoors, it was just fine to play with.  The arctic sensory bin contained “real ice!” hills and a variety of animals found in arctic regions.  We invented a game of hiding the white animals in the white snow and trying to find them. The harepus turned out to be quite elusive!

During ringkos we reviewed our schedule and some basic guidelines before launching into some songs.  We then looked at the globe to learn where the arctic is, discussing the weather.  Next we sang “Se nå snør det.”  The kids were surprised when the teacher sprinkled snow on them during the song!  After this we learned the names of four animals found in the arctic (see below).  The animal we focused the most on was the isbjørn (polar bear).  We looked through a book or two containing polar bear facts, learning about what they eat, where they live and how they stay warm. 
Next was gymsal time, and we burned off some steam by running around and making noise!  Then we played the iceberg hop.  First we played with the numbered icebergs arranged in a circle and we had to hop from berg to berg while the music played (also while saying aloud the numbers). When the music stopped, who was lucky to be able to reach into the “sea” and grab a fish?  After this had gone on for a while, we worked together to arrange the number icebergs in a line in numerical order.  A fish was placed on one of the numbers, which then had to be hopped over.  

Iceberg hop!

After a pit-stop in the bathroom, we returned to our classroom for fun matpause, where we ate isbjørn bagels!  (mini-bagel with cream cheese, marshmallow ears, raisin eyes and peanut-butter cup nose).  Yum!  While they were eating, I read them a story about Lars, the little polar bear who got separated from his Pappa and ended up on a tropical island.  The kids were entranced by the story.

Finally, we created the marvelous isbjørn masks that the children all brought home. 

Språk tips
(A few words/phrases to keep in your back pocket).
Arctic animal names we learned:  isbjørn (polar bear)  rev (fox)  harepus (hare) reinsdyr (reindeer)