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Norwegian Preschoolers Clean Up for Earth Day!

Published: May 1, 2019

Fishing garbage out of the water

Norwegian preschoolers this week encountered some polluted water as they explored some of the rivers and waterfalls of Norway. As we gleefully headed toward a sensory bin filled with water, we realized there was lots of søppel (garbage) that had gotten into this natural wonder.  How did that get there?  We used pincers (or our fingers) to remove the junk.  

After singing time, we returned to the vann (water) that we had cleaned up earlier.  We learned a couple new words: elv  (river) and foss (waterfall), and reviewed vann (water) and fjell (mountain).  We used the magnetic check-in board to demonstrate what a foss is (there's one painted on the front).  Teacher Kari also showed some personal photos of elver and fosser in Norway, including “7 Søstrene” (7 Sisters) in the Geiranger Fjord. We talked about how scary it would be to really ride a waterfall!  We also discussed how the garbage might have gotten into the river, as well as where those items should have gone (in the garbage or recycling).  Finally, we briefly touched on the concept of harnessing energi (you guessed it – energy) from the water!  
After this, we followed dagens stjerne into the gym!  Everyone was excited to see the balls – but most of them needed air, so I pumped air into the balls while the kiddos ran around and threw and bounced balls.  Eventually, we tried bouncing the ball off of various body parts (head, knee, feet, elbow etc).  There was a lot of “Teacher Kari, watch this!."  Later, children were introduced to a new game: rødt lys, grønt lys (red light, green light).  This was a lot of fun!
After washing our hands, it was time for matpause: eplemos og pretzler.  We read a word book and shared about what clothes we wore, what toys we have at home, what food we like to eat, what we have outside in our yards, etc.  
Before we knew it, it was time to clean up and begin our art project!  It was very exciting for all to get their own table top easel, and to learn how to use the pipettes to drop paint at the top of the page and let it run down to create a waterfall effect.

Painting waterfalls!