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Hopping along in Norwegian pre-K!

Published: November 29, 2018

Hopper balls!

The past week's theme in Norwegian Pre-K was emotions, and we had so much fun learning about them!  During free-play, we made different funny faces – both on paper and on magnetic boards, and some also played an emotion matching game. 

During ringkoss, we wished one of our kiddos “Gratulerer med dagen!” Dagens stjerne  (the star of the day) chose our first song – Min hatt. We enjoyed trying to sing it with excluding a key word.  After another song or two, we rolled the emotion cube to learn each of the words and practice the appropriate expressions.  This was a lot of fun! 

Next, we pulled out our hopper bolls, which have different facial expressions printed on them. First we had to look at each ball to decided which emotion was represented on it – it took quite a bit of restraint to not start hopping right away!  First, the teacher called out the different emotions and invited the child with that particular ball to hop across the room.  After that it was a free-for-all of hopping hilarity!  The younger kids had some trouble at first, but it was nice to see them make progress and figure it out!  Also, one of our preschoolers was happily gathering the troops by calling out “alle sammen!”  Awesome to hear them using the language on their own!

During matpause we read a few books, including fan-favorite “Jeg vil ha.”  Our Askeladden class is learning to say it too! 

 As some were still finishing up their matpause, others were enjoying sorting emotion picture cards.  Which ones are glad?  Which ones are sint?  Then we all worked on folding up and taping the emotion cubes that they brought home, as well as finishing the face pictures from the beginning of class.