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Happy Year of the Pig!

Published: February 12, 2019

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2019

Preschoolers in Minnetonka celebrated Chinese New Year (CNY) last week, finishing up a special J-Term focusing on the delights of Chinese food. To start off, students were invited to write a Chinese character with Chinese calligraphy brush. They could choose either 福 Fú, which means blessing, or  春 Chūn, which means Spring. 


During circle time, we sang a New Year song again, with movements. We reviewed the four items that they had learned last week about CNY ( pig , red packets, Happy New Year, and lantern) and played a game with it. A big curtain was put up between the two teams and each team member could take turn picking out one of those four items and see if it matched with the other team's choice. 

After that, we reviewed fruits with them and let the student played a memory game with the items. They were pretty excited about this game and knew exactly what to do.

Because we also celebrated Valentine's day today, we taught them a chanting part in this song:

If you love me, stick with me  爱我,你就陪陪我 ài wǒ, nǐ jiù péi péi wǒ,
if you love me, you kiss kiss me 爱我,你就亲亲我  ài wǒ, nǐ jiù Qīn qīn wǒ,
If you love me, you praise praise me 爱我,你就夸夸我  ài wǒ, nǐ jiù KuāKuā wǒ,
If you love me, you hold hold me 爱我,你就抱抱我  ài wǒ, nǐ jiù Bào Bào  wǒ

During gym time, they played Get the Noodles with a toy pincers, but they had to know the correct color to get the right one!  Just so you know, Chinese also eat noodles during CNY to celebrate longevity.

The next game was Passing the Lanterns with chopsticks in the circle.  Two lanterns were given and they students had to make sure that those two lanterns never collided. It was quite tricky for their little hands to pass the lanterns quickly, since one of the lanterns seems to have a very twisty loop (string) on top. 

Lanterns from a previous week!

For snacks, they got to try golden pears which symbolize prosperity (money). They liked it a lot because it tastes like apple but juicier. They also tried red bean buns and some shrimp crackers.  

For story time, they saw videos of how Chinese celebrate their CNY and how the lion dance people were being trained. They were quite mesmerized by the sheer talents that these Chinese people have.

To wrap up, they made a heart to bring home for Valentine's Day.