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From Matisse to les montagnes

Published: February 6, 2019

We made a vinaigrette to enjoy with our carrots! 

This past Friday, French preschoolers explored the natural wonders of Switzerland! We'd been visiting France in the weeks before, spotting the great landmarks of Paris and spending some time ocean-side in the south of France. We even had a chance to do some decoupage inspired by the artwork of Matisse before heading off to Switzerland. 

On Friday, we looked through our jumelles (binoculars) and saw les montagnes (mountains) of Switzerland. Out on the table were many forest animals native to Switzerland, many of whom got to explore our classroom. 

Next, we put our knowledge of les montagnes (mountains) to work doing a texture craft involving cutting out des arbres (trees), adding cotton for des nuages (clouds) and gluing on des montagnes (mountains) with snow-covered cotton peaks and bumpy wheatgrass texture. The kids did a great job with some challenging preschool skills, including using les ciseaux (scissors) and la colle (glue), finishing the project off with un drapeau suisse (a swiss flag). 

For our final activity we got moving and learned a traditional Swiss danse: Le Picoulet