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Finding colors for The Scream in Norge Rundt

Published: February 15, 2019

Mixing colors 

Last Saturday, Norge Rundt participants got together to solve the problem of some missing colors in Edvard Munch's  famous painting, Skrik (Scream).  In order to find the missing colors, however, we first had to figure out what to call them and how to make them! 

We started out by shooting hoops with different colored basketballs, trying to match the color ball to the corresponding hoop. After singing a few songs, we played a matching game with primary colors, which quickly turned into an advanced game of Twister! Playing Twister made us hungry, of course, so we headed over to the kitchen for vafler (waffles). We had a choice of rød (red), lilla (purple), or oransje syltetøy  (orange jam) and even did a smell test with our eyes closed to see if we could smell what color it was.


After eating our fill of waffles, we experimented with mixing colors and eventually figured out how to make some of them. 

Rød + Gul = Oransje 
Gul  + Blå = Grønn
Hvit  + Rød =  Rosa 
Rød +Blå = Lilla 

Unlocking these critical color combinations was key to the next step: creating our own variations of Skrik! 

Check out the vibrant colors of our Skrik paintings!