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Eating Chinese Food with Minnetonka Pre-K

Published: January 10, 2019

Chopstick practice!

Happy New Year! It was great to be back to learning languages again after two week break!

 Our Chinese preschoolers are learning about food and Chinese eating culture this J-term and we got off to a great start last Friday.  They arrived to a chopstick-practice session, using their small motor skills to help them move colored foam pieces into colored cups (a good way to review colors as well)!

After learning a brand new greeting song, numbers and colors were reviewed with a game each. i.e they matched the regular numbers with the Chinese numbers and they had to pick the right color tiny terry ponytailers to put on their chopsticks as instructed. The seeing, touching and doing will reinforce their recognition of the colors better from here on. We will be playing this game many times. 

Next, children were introduced to 5 food items as the instructor drew them on the smart board. They had fun guessing what she was drawing and a game of "What is missing?" was played to help them be more familiar with the foods. 

During gym time, kiddos learned about 4 kind of fruits. Fruit pictures were taped to the walls and the students ran to them as the teachers called out the fruits. They were pretty worn out after a few rounds of running but happy for the chance to be active. Next they played "Pass the foam color pieces to the basket" with Chinese soup spoons. 

Banana and sugar candy biscuits were the snacks for the day, and kiddos were encouraged to eat them with their chopsticks. We also added tea for them to drink/taste. Not everyone liked the tea, but the point was to let them try and decide if they like it. A couple actually really liked the rice tea and asked for more. 

Next came story time but I let the students watch a video to show them that food can serve many purposes other than filling our tummies. In this video (below) it was used to teach a panda some really good KungFu. The students really loved this short segment from the KungFu Panda movie!

Later, the kiddos cut out some dumplings and glued them on a plate as their craft to bring home.  A great opportunity to practice some simple cutting and gluing. 

Language bites :语言学习      
Rice 饭fàn,
Veggies菜 cài
Fruits 水果 shuǐguǒ
Fish 鱼  yú
Meat 肉 ròu