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Chasing Butterflies in Chinese Pre-K

Published: May 6, 2019


Chinese preschoolers started off class last week with a caterpillar race. Two students at one time were given a caterpillar and a straw and tasked with blowing their caterpillars to the other end of the table. Whoever got the caterpillar there first won!  It was a 'breathless' game!

At circle time, children greeted their teachers and sang greeting song. Stars were counted, suns were counted and moons were playing peek-a-boo, giving the students very little time to see/count how many moons there were under the plate. We sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Chinese.

Preschoolers also went into the garden and helped pick out trees and flowers of different colors, grass and leaves. Four seasons were reviewed and the students could sing the season song pretty much all by themselves. We also imitated the bug's movements and the students totally enjoyed singing the song on their own!

The afternoon class found a little butterfly on the ground inside the playground. Apparently its right wing was a little torn, and the teacher reminded the students to just watch but not touch it or disturb it, learning to be kind and exercise self control. And they did!

For story time, they watched a video about a butterfly who went on an adventure. At craft time, they made a beautiful butterfly with glittering wings.

They loved their beautiful butterflies!