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Celebrating Mardi Gras!

Published: March 4, 2019

Mardi Gras masks!

Last week, French preschoolers visited La Nouvelle-Orleans and focused on Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday).  They looked at photos of masks, costumes and the parades,  and talked about how Ms. Annick was there and will be riding on a float as part of the parade!  The trois (3) Mardi Gras colors are gold (d'or) representing power; violet (purple) representing justice, and green (vert) representing faith.  

Using the map, we reviewed previously "visited" French-speaking areas and what they're known for:  la France, la Tour Eiffel; la Suisse, les Alpes, le chocolat, le fromage (cheese); la Belgique (la foret (forest); la Canada, les insectes (insects.)  

Since we were decorating les masques, the vocabulary was eyes (les yeux), nose (le nez), mouth (la bouche) and head (la tete).  We had fun playing the fly-swatter game challenging students to swat the plate with one of the four body parts drawn on each.  Each song was introduced with actions,  "Jean Petit qui Danse" illustrating the same body parts, and of course. again sang l'araignee Gypsy (the Itsy, Bitsy Spider.)

We "boarded the avion (plane)" using les jumelles (binoculars) to see les nuages and le soleil (clouds and the sun).  As we flew we sang "Vole, vole, vole Avion." After "arriving" in la Nouvelle-Orleans, the masque-making began.

Creating les masques was a BIG hit employing le papier colorier (colored paper) of d'or, violet and vert for les plumes (feathers), assorted fancy stickers and dots of the trois (3) colors of the day.  Once finished, many were excited to wear les masques and pose for pictures!