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After-school Spanish: Let the games begin!

Published: October 23, 2018

Foto familiar

After-school Spanish learners in Eagan are diving in to this session's theme of  Game Shows with great enthusiasm! 

We've been working on songs like, Mi mamá es panadera and La sandía, and going all out in the dramatization of these. 

Since many of the game shows we'll be playing this session have a team component, we divided up into our familias (families).  We have la familia García and la familia Hernández.  Within each family the kids have rol (role), such as papá, mamá, abuelo/a (grandpa/ma), tío/a (uncle/aunt), hermano/a (brother/sister), o primo/a (cousin).   Last week, we went around introducing a partner to another group saying “es mi____”.  Once we were well acquainted with our new roles, we started taking some fotos familiares (family photos) with an added extra: We rolled a dado (die) and the number rolled corresponded with an emoción (emotion).  Then people from that family would take a picture showing that emotion!

Minuto para ganar

As families, our Spanish learners have begun competing in the popular game show Minuto para ganar (Minute to win it). Challenges involve precision, speed, dexterity - and language, too! The family that earns the most points gets to spin the final rueda (wheel), determining what silly activity will bring class to a close for the day. It's so much fun!