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Hopkins Spanish day campers demonstrate the magic of mixed-level learning!

Published: August 10, 2017

Spanish day campers in Hopkins this week truly demonstrated the magic of mixed-level language learning, creating a collaborative enviroment in which all learners had a chance to flex and grow their language muscles, whatever level they were at. While some of our kiddos have been attending Spanish immersion school for four or five years, others are just beginning their Spanish journey. Throughout the week, these young language learners worked together to create a fun and supportive environment where use of Spanish was valued and everyone had a chance to participate at whatever level they felt comfortable.

Another fun week of Spanish in Minnetonka!

Published: August 10, 2017

It’s been another fun week of learning Spanish in Minnetonka! Day campers have been busy during their simulated visit to Santiago, Chile, watching color walk across water, making their own metro mazes out of paper plates, and pulling Chilean currency out of thin air. Our Spanish learners discovered that magic can be found all over the place: at the park, the river, the museum, the metro, and market - in fact, every place they’ve been this week.

Transformation tricks with Minnetonka Spanish learners!

Published: August 4, 2017

Spanish learners in Minnetonka this past week have been learning all sorts of trick designed to transform and amaze. While in Santiago, participants are putting their Spanish to good use, practicing tricks that require a little bit of dexterity and knowing the magic words to make it all happen! Check out what they’ve been up to!

Minnetonka Chinese learners explore the magic of Beijing!

Published: August 4, 2017

Chinese learners in Minnetonka this week learned all about the magic of Beijing! Exploring various parts of the city and surrounding areas, they discovered bits and pieces of magic along the way, from optical illusions to amazing phenomena they never would have expected. They walked through paper, balanced ping pong balls on their noses, pierced bags of water that refused to leak, and had all sorts of adventures along the way.

Building community in Stillwater

Published: July 20, 2017

Building language skills and building community go hand in hand!

Stillwater day campers spent this past week growing a small community of Spanish learners. Language skills flourish when there are others with whom to practice and engage. When that exchange becomes something fun and meaningful, the process of learning language itself becomes a lot more interesting! Look at these great smiles!

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