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Driving lessons for Hopkins Spanish learners

Published: June 19, 2018

Spanish day-campers in Hopkins are learning how to drive this week on their road trip through the beautiful country of Spain. The hallways of Eisenhower Community Center yesterday were filled with shouts of “Para!” (“Stop!”), “Gira a la derecha” (“Turn right!”), and “Debajo del túnel!” (“Under the tunnel”) as villagers hit the road for the first time. Later, a rousing game of Red Light-Green Light taught them the all-important rules of the semáforo (traffic light).

Plymouth learners send their best to Spain at the 2018 FIFA World Cup!

Published: June 19, 2018

Spanish learners from Plymouth are taking road trip through Spain this week and bringing out their team spirit in support of La Furia Roja (The Red Fury) at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Tournament in Russia. A few stops to play fútbol along the way make a road trip the rich experience it was meant to be.

Balancing language and fun in Chaska

Published: June 19, 2018

Spanish learners in Chaska are learning to keep their senses sharp on this week’s road trip through Spain. Road trips are all about the journey, and this journey features a fun group of villagers who “get” that it’s all about jumping in and seeing where the road may lead.

From St. Anthony to Spain:Road Trip Hoopla!

Published: June 14, 2018

Imagine a comical road trip to a far off land! The journey is filled with games like “I Spy”, “Road Trip Bingo”, or “Name that Tune!” Spanish learners in St. Anthony are on exactly such a journey this week, making their way through Spain as they try to avoid obstacles along the way.

A Visit from Les Trois Petits Cochons

Published: May 30, 2018

The Three Little Pigs came to visit French Friday at Colonial last week, and it was just plain-out fun! Celine from Lac du Bois- Hackensack, and Solveig and Avital from St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists were there as our special guests and the children made them feel right at home. We started out the day making wolf headbands and building houses while we got acquainted with our guests. We sang Les Petits Poissons with some creative variations (using different parts of our bodies to act out the song), then moved on to Tchic et Tchac and Qui a peur du méchant loup?

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