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ようこそ(Youkoso・Welcome) JD78!

Published: July 22, 2019

Our new one-week villagers came today! JD 78 got started in the program with class orientation and some games! They will be ready to fully join all of the classes, clubs, and other activities tomorrow!

After they had some fun getting to know each other and the camp, the new seito joined the rest of the camp for 晩御飯(ばんごはん・bangohan・dinner). Our dinner tonight was 唐揚げ(からあげ・karaage・Japanese fried chicken), which you can make at home with this recipe from Just One Cookbook!

Our evening program tonight was a club fair for this week's club activities! The villagers got to try out sample activities from 日本文化クラブ(にほんぶんかくらぶ・nihon bunka kurabu・Japanese Culture Club), 国際 パーカッションクラブ (こくさいパーカッションくらぶ・kokusai pakasshon kurabu・International Percussion Club)、 かわいいクラブ(kawaii kurabu・Cute Club), Swimming Club, 運動クラブ(うんどうクラブ・undou kurabu・exercise club), and Drawing Club!