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レストランナイト(resutorannaito・Restaurant Night) and Okonomiyaki

Published: July 21, 2019

This weekend the villagers got to have fun at restaurant and dance night! For restruant night we give them a special meal of food that isn't Japanese. This week the theme was Minnesotan food!

After eating their fill of midwestern staples, the villagers had a dance night! They got to hang out while listening or dancing to Japanese music!

Today, the villagers got to relax with a later wake up time and no classes. Instead, they got to watch 時をかける少女 (ときをかけるしょうじょ・toki o kakeru shojo・The Girl who Leapt Through Time) and participate in activities about global warming and pollution during our 平和プロ(へいわぷろ・heiwa puro・Peace Program). For dinner, they had a Japanese style pancake called お好み焼き(おこのみやき・okonomiyaki)!