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Ghibli Night!

Published: July 24, 2019

Tonight for 夜プロ(よるぷろ・yoru puro・evening program) we had Ghibli Night! Studio Ghibli is an internationally known animation studio from Japan and responsible for well-loved movies such as 千と千尋の神隠し(せんとちひろのかみかくし・sen to chihiro no kamikakushi・"Sen and Chihiro's Spiriting Away" aka Spirited Away)and Howl's Moving Castle. The villagers were tasked with putting together a puzzle and freeing タマキ先生(たまきせんせい・Tamaki Sensei) from Yubaba! To put the puzzle together they had to gather the pieces from various Ghibli characters around the camp who needed help.