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The Gakusei are Halfway Through!

Published: July 29, 2018

This weekend has been a relaxing one for the gakusei (4 week villagers) here at Mori no Ike. After saying goodbye to the seito on Saturday morning, gakusei spent time enjoying a longer hirune (rest period) and jiyuujikan (free time). Then they had some time to talk with the sensei about different Japan and Japanese-related experiences in our zemi (panel-based discussion seminars).

They also participated in Trivia Night on Saturday!

Today began with a relaxing Pajama Party brunch, followed by whole-village site clean-up. Then the gakusei donned their Sailor Scout crowns and helped save Tuxedo Mask in a fun Sailor Moon themed activity. In the afternoon, everyone enjoyed another long hirune and jiyuujikan, followed by more zemi.

For yorupuro (evening program), gakusei took a "trip" to Tokyo, and learned more about the megalopolis that is Japan's capital city. They got to try on Harajuku street fashion and take purikura (print-out sticker pictures), too!

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