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Segunda Feira no Mar e Floresta

Published: July 16, 2019

Hoje no Mar e Floresta:

We are having a blast here at the village. Every day we have new adventures, things to learn, and small moments that make our day magnificent.

We started our day having a delicious breakfast from Brazil, a perfect carrot cake. We continued to clean our cabins; it is a great competition that we have where the cleanest cabin gets a prize at the end of the week. Today, Casa Brasilia won due to their good cleaning skills. Parabéns meninas!

During, Bate-Papos they learned about numbers, dates, and how to use them in real life scenarios.  They did skits and dialogues using them.

Afterwards, they did Quemada, Futeboli, Jogos da mesa, and jóias as activities. They had so much fun learning vocabulary and how relevant those are for Portuguese speaking countries.


Furthermore, our Programa de Noite was Pato, a traditional game where they learned some facts and information about Portuguese-speaking countries while they were rushing to win! At the end of the Novela, we discovered who the mysterious counselor was and who she or he would award for speaking so much Portuguese during the day. At the end, Eva received a disco ball from Chicão! Parabéns Eva!

Finally, we had a Fogueira with S’mores, it is always the best way to close our day

Salomé with Ursula and Karina at the bonfire


Here are the pictures from today!