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World of Cultures!

Published: August 8, 2019

Today at Lesnoe Ozero, villagers participated in lessons designed to optimize their learning needs and of course, to make learning as enjoyable as possible! In our heritage program (our program for villagers who speak Russian at home), villagers were tasked with writing exercises, to enhance their written skills and compliment their verbal skills. In addition to this, our heritage speakers practiced a number of Russian-language tongue twisters to both improve their vocabulary and sharpen their pronunciation.

During cultural hours, our villagers participated in a wide range of activities. Our counselor Камила (Kamila) led a cultural hour on кухня (cooking). During this cultural hour, villagers prepared хачапури (khachapuri), a traditional Georgian bread prepared with cheese, eggs, butter, and herbs. Our counselor Рамона (Ramona) led a cultural hour on игрушки-making (stuffed animal making), during which villagers created their own stuffed rabbits.

For our evening program, villagers participated in Этномир (World of Cultures), a showcase of the huge diversity of the Russian-speaking world. Our counselors, who come from or have lived in many different Russian-speaking countries and regions, led stations that explored the culture and history of those regions and the people that live there. Stations were set up for countries including Ukraine, led by our counselor Алина (Alina) and our медсестра (nurse) Sasha (Саша),  as well as a station on Kazakhstan, led by our staff Лёня (Lyonya) and Ксюша (Ksyousha), and Belarus, led by our counselor Даша (Dasha)!