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Welcome to Central Asia

Published: July 9, 2015

In the evening villagers met at St. Petersburg divided by families and learnt how to greet each other in languages of the Central Asian region. Each family visited various stations, where they learnt about Central Asian and Russian history and geography, sang a Kazakh song, tried different Eastern dances, and picked up a few Tadjik phrases

Dobro Pozhalovat, or The New and Last Arrival

Published: July 6, 2015

New arrival are always a joy for us. And despite a cloudy and windy weather today new villagers have lightened the camp with their smiles and enthusiasm.

Closing Day - Family Program and One-Weekers

Published: June 20, 2015

Today we had closing day at Lesnoe Ozero. In the morning villagers were packing and exchanging their contacts so they can keep in touch throughout the year. We had official part with parents and kids where villagers have received certificates of completion of Concordia Russian Language program. It was sad to say goodbye because even though only one week have passed we all became friends. In the end of all together we sang our beloved Russian songs. We wish all our villagers a...

It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later!

Published: June 19, 2015

As it was the last day of the first session we have celebrated Russian New Year at Lesnoe Ozero to make this day special.

Russian Lessons

Published: June 18, 2015

Our villagers improving every day. Check out video from Russian lessons.

Baikonur in the woods

Published: June 18, 2015

Today we continued enjoying natural beauty of Lesnoe Ozero and having fun during the Space day in the camp. The young adventurers finished the day in the center of the Solar system - around a bonfire.

Sweet weather, sweet day!

Published: June 17, 2015

We have reached the summit of our first summer session.Today was finally a warm and sunny day at Lesnoe Ozero. To have enough energy for the long and interesting day we had eggs, sausages, and homemade кексы (muffins) for breakfast. Full of energy and positive attitude we started our day with Russian lessons where beginners continued to learn village vocabulary, heritage speakers learnt more about...


Published: June 16, 2015

The second day of the Family and One-Week program was marked with new Russian experience, new dishes, new impressions, and new friends.


Published: June 15, 2015

Today we had our first summer session at Lesnoe Ozero. The first day of our Family and One-Week programme was full of new experience for the villagers and their parents: they traditionally passed таможня (customs) where they chose Russian names for the camp, went to a bank desk where the exchanged US dollars for рубли (Russian roubles), and finally gathered...

Day Seven - July 13, 2014

Published: July 13, 2014

This evening the village ran a simulation of the tourist attractions and stops along the Moscow metro system, playing the part of tourists from America. The villagers split up by family and went to different stations where they collected souvenirs or took photographs of themselves next to landmarks, such as the Bolshoi Theater, Gorky Park, and Russia’s first MacDonald’s. At some stations the families videotaped themselves singing or dancing or reciting poetry. The families simultaneously had to avoid police officers and metro guards who would fine them if their documents were missing. In the end the family that managed to visit the most stations won, but all of the families had fun getting a taste of sight-seeing in Moscow.

Day Two - July 8, 2014

Published: July 9, 2014

This evening the families competed with one another in various outdoor games. At different stations two families at a time ran relay races, undid human knots, and worked together in teams in order to accomplish tasks. Finally, all the families together competed at tug-of-war, first against each other and then against the counselors. All of the villagers were able to work together and beat the counselors in the last tug-of-war match.

Day Six - June 21, 2014

Published: June 21, 2014

Today, unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to the families and villagers who have been with us at the Russian village this past week. Before everyone left, the villagers had a chance to show off what they had learned by performing for their families at the closing program. Each class gave a presentation in which they used the Russian phrases they had been studying. The advanced class acted out a skit, and one of the cultural hour classes danced the...

First Day with Villagers and Families

Published: June 16, 2014

Today marked the beginning of this summer’s Russian-learning adventure! The first families and one-weekers arrived this afternoon and went through customs, during which they chose a Russian name and were assigned to their family and коттедж (cabin)