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Happy First Day of Spring!

Published: March 21, 2018

Happy First Day of Spring! Maslenitsa, the traditional Russian holiday celebrating the end of winter, has already come and gone. On March 21, spring equinox, Persian and Turkic communities across the world are celebrating a holiday called Navruz.

Throwback: Happy Birthday, Anton Chekhov!

Published: January 29, 2018

Every year, our High School Credit Session villagers take on a project to integrate everything they’ve learned about language, traditions, history, and art. Teams of villagers have worked together to solve environmental crises, to run political campaigns, and to retell Russian fairytales. The chance to dive into working with authentic materials, adapted for villagers’ familiarity with Russian, is part of what makes Lesnoe Ozero so special. Check out this Throwback to High School Credit villagers’ final projects from 2010, when they adapted Anton Chekhov’s work into short videos about Lesnoe Ozero!

Transform Your Thanksgiving Leftovers into Russian Treats!

Published: November 25, 2017

If the best thing about Thanksgiving is spending the day with loved ones, then the best thing about the day after Thanksgiving is left overs. Spice up your leftovers game by incorporating the ingredients into 5 traditional Russian recipes. 1. Mashed Potato Pelmeni Pelmeni are small dumplings, usually filled with minced meat. For a vegetarian take, fill the pelmeni with mashed potatoes. Top with traditional smetana (sour cream) or dunk them in gravy! Here’s a good recipe for...