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Closing - One Week program and Family Camp

Published: August 20, 2016

We say goodbye to our one-week villagers and family camp participants and begin to pack up the village for summer.

Closing Banquet

Published: August 20, 2016

Villagers enjoy a delicious banquet to mark the end of a fantastic week at Lesnoe Ozero.

RB64/82 Closing Day!

Published: August 14, 2016

We say Do Svidaniye to our two- and four-week campers! Thank you for an amazing summer!

Until Next Time, Ucheniki! Time to Relax, Studenti!

Published: August 1, 2016

We say goodbye to our first session of two-weekers and the credit villagers enjoy a relaxing weekend off.

Closing Day - RB32 Two-Weekers

Published: July 4, 2015

Today we had closing day at Lesnoe Ozero for the two week program villagers. In the morning they were packing and exchanging their contacts so they can keep in touch throughout the year. They were both happy to see their parents and a bit sad to leave the village. We had much fun as well as interesting classes together during last two weeks and hope to see them all next summer here at Lesnoe Ozero Russian Language Village. Upon arrival parents were welcomed with chai (tea) from...

Closing Day - Family Program and One-Weekers

Published: June 20, 2015

Today we had closing day at Lesnoe Ozero. In the morning villagers were packing and exchanging their contacts so they can keep in touch throughout the year. We had official part with parents and kids where villagers received certificate of completion of Concordia Russian Language program.

In Case You Missed It: Closing Program (RB34/RB52/Day Camp)

Published: July 19, 2014

This morning, we said our final farewells to villagers as they headed home. It’s hard to believe how fast our five wonderful weeks at Lesnoe Ozero have gone by- it’s been great seeing friendships form and language knowledge grow as villagers try out new activities and skills. It’s definitely been a memorable summer and we can’t wait to see everyone back next year.

It was great meeting so many friends and family members of villagers who were able to stay for the closing program. However, we know many villagers travel quite far sometimes to come to Lesnoe Ozero. For villagers and parents/guardians of villagers unable to make it, please check out the videos in this post.

Day Ten - July 16, 2014

Published: July 16, 2014

Today we had beautiful, warm weather and the villagers enjoyed the sunshine outside between classes and at the beach during free time. Having finished their exams, the credit students spent the day rehearsing for tomorrow’s play. The two-week students continued with their classes, and many of them chose to be Heroes of the Russian Language and speak only in Russian during the day. In the cultural hour classes, some groups began preparing presentations for our closing program this Friday.

In Case You Missed It: Lesnoe Ozero RB32 Closing Program

Published: July 6, 2014

This past Saturday, several classes of all levels presented films to wrap up their two weeks here at Lesnoe Ozero. Here’s a recap of RB32 Closing Program highlights.

Day Twelve - July 6, 2014

Published: July 6, 2014

Today unfortunately we had to say goodbye to the two-week villagers who have been with us this past session. These past two weeks have been so much fun and everyone made so many new friends and learned so much. We hope to see all of them here again next year!

Day Eleven - July 3, 2014

Published: July 4, 2014

This morning the two-week villagers had their last lessons, while credit students took midterm exams. In the two-week program, we were sad to conclude our classes, but happy that the villagers have learned so much over the past two weeks.  Instead of cultural classes the villagers went back to their cabins this afternoon to change into nice clothes and take pictures together with their camp families and all the friends they have made here. Dinner was a formal banquet, where the...

Day Six - June 21, 2014

Published: June 21, 2014

Today, unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to the families and villagers who have been with us at the Russian village this past week. Before everyone left, the villagers had a chance to show off what they had learned by performing for their families at the closing program. Each class gave a presentation in which they used the Russian phrases they had been studying. The advanced class acted out a skit, and one of the cultural hour classes danced the...

Day 27- July 20, 2013

Published: July 20, 2013

Sadly, today was the official end of a fantastic summer here at Lesnoe Ozero. The morning was filled with goodbyes and hugs as villagers bid farewell to the new (and old) friends they made this summer at the village. At the closing program, we saw some of the videos two-week and four-week students worked on during their time here. It was great to see how much villagers learned, and how they were able to creatively express new words and phrases. Check out the videos on the Lesnoe Ozero playlist of the CLV Youtube channel, found here. Thank you to everyone who made this summer at Lesnoe Ozero so wonderful! Увидимся!

Closing Program First-Year Curriculum Project

Published: July 20, 2013

Молодцы Ребята! {video-1}