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Spotlight on Murmansk

Published: September 30, 2018

The residents of cabin Murmansk present on the city of Murmansk to their peers.

At Lesnoe Ozero, all of our cabins are named after cities where Russian is the official language. Each month, we'll spotlight one of these cities! 

A class in Murmansk plays a vocabulary game.

One of our largest residential and classroom cabins, Murmansk, is named after a city in the northwest part of Russia, on the Barents Sea. 

While the cabin Murmansk holds up to 14 residential villagers in four bedrooms and its common area serves as a classroom for up to 10 learners, the city by the same name has a population of 299,148. It is the largest city north of the Arctic Circle!

The city of Murmansk in winter.

The city of Murmansk was founded during World War I, since its ice-free coastal location made it a convenient port for western allies to ship supplies. The Romanov dynasty crumbled soon after, giving rise to the Soviet Union, and making Murmansk the last city founded in the Russian Empire! During World War II, Murmansk was again an important port for military supplies, and it suffered greatly due to attacks from the German army, which was occupying nearby Finland. Murmansk was recognized

WWII Memorial Statue "Alyosha"

for its sacrifices and valor when it was named one of the "Hero Cities" of Russia. Murmansk's military heritage is still evident today: it is the headquarters of the northern fleet, and a giant statue of a WWII soldier, called Alyosha, towers more than 100 feet above the city. 

Join us next time, when we travel to the country of Ukraine to visit the home of the famous writer Isaac Babel. Can you guess what city that is?

Murmansk region is the shaded portion in this map, with the city of Murmansk located in the northwest area of the region