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Noviy God!

Published: August 17, 2019

Today was the last day of classes at Lesnoe Ozero, and villagers reviewed all that they had learned during the week, in addition to tackling one of the most difficult themes yet, ‘что я делаю в свободное время’ (‘what I do in my free time’). Villagers learned complex grammatical constructions as well as more abstract vocabulary in order to express those activities in which they like to participate. In addition to this, villagers completed the film project they had been working on throughout the week, which you can watch on our youtube channel to see how much they’ve accomplished!

For our evening program, we celebrated one of the most exciting holidays to celebrate in Russia, новый год (New Year's). In order to celebrate, we had our end-of-program banquet, where villagers were served traditional Russian dishes like Chicken Kiev and Salad Olivier, as well as our end-of-program talent show, where not only villagers showed off their incredible talents, but also favorite figures from Russian New Year’s, such as Дед Мороз (Father Frost). We had such a lovely time with our one-week, family, and day-camp villagers and we hope to see you back at Lesnoe Ozero soon!