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Published: August 15, 2019

Today at Lesnoe Ozero, classes were focused on one of the most important aspects of any language – how to ask for and talk about food! Villagers of all ages learned vital food vocabulary and the grammatical constructions that come along with that vocabulary. In our younger villagers’ classes, villagers created and presented their own meals from construction paper, allowing them to express their creativity and practice their vocabulary.

At cultural hours, our counselor Тарас (Taras) led a class on балалайка (balalaika), a traditional three-stringed Russian folk instrument similar to a ukulele or mandolin. 

In keeping with the theme of food for the day, our evening program was centered around our Lesnoe Ozero celebration of a food-filled Slavic Holiday, Maslenitsa! Maslenitsa is traditionally celebrated at the end of winter beginning of spring all over the Slavic-speaking world. To celebrate, our villagers made themselves блины (blini) during free time, and then were served at dinner a delicious meal of блины with savory and sweet filling accompanied by blackcurrant juice. They also decorated and burned (at our campfire) the чучела (chuchela), a scarecrow that is traditionally burned to represent the end of winter.