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International Day!

Published: August 10, 2019

It was Международный День (International Day) today at all of Concordia Language Villages! For both villagers and staff alike, International Day is one of the best days of the summer, full of cultural and linguistic exchange, including games, songs, dances, food, and much more!

At International Day, villagers were able to try foods from all of the many Concordia Language Villages, including pizza from the Italian village, Lago del Bosco, poutine from the French Canadian Village (village?), Les Voyageurs, bubble tea from the Chinese village, Sen Lin Hu, and crêpes from the French Village, Lac du Bois, among many other treats. Villagers were also able to buy goods from around the world from the International Bazaar!

During International Day there are also a number of competitions and games! This year, Lesnoe Ozero villagers displayed their athletic ability in both the triathlon and ‘World Cup’ competition! Our футбол (soccer) team came in second amongst all the villages! Our villagers also showed off their cooking skills, competing in the iron chef competition and winning first place overall!

The final event at International Day was the performance of dances prepared by each village in line with this year’s theme ‘вдохновление’ (‘inspiration’). Our counselor Даша (Dasha) choreographed a dance based around the theme of лошадь (the horse), which has been the source of inspiration for many Russian-speaking artists and writers for centuries. All of Lesnoe Ozero participated by singing along with the song the dance was choreographed to, a version of the Russian folk-song конь (horse) with lyrics written to pay tribute to Lesnoe Ozero (check out the lyrics below if you’d like to learn the song with your children)!

The day ended with Concordia Language Village’s 2019 International Day dance, which was choreographed to a song featuring Tz'utujil, a language spoken in Guatemala, chosen to honor the United Nations’ year of Indigenous Languages.

The day ended with a дискотека (dance party), and then villagers headed off to their cabins for their final cabin counsels and to get ready for move-out tomorrow!

We are so incredibly lucky to have had each of these villagers here at Lesnoe Ozero this summer, and we hope to see them next year!

Here is the song Lesnoe Ozero sang together at this year’s International Day:


Озеро моё родники

Домиков в лесу огоньки

Золотая рожь да кудрявый лён

Я влюблён в лесное озеро влюблён