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First Day of Classes!

Published: August 14, 2019

Today was our first day of classes for our one-week, family, and day-camp programs! Our younger villagers attended class with their peers. The curriculum is designed for the acquisition of basic conversational skills. For the first day, villagers learned to introduce themselves and express basic biographical information, such as their age and where they are from. In order to reinforce their knowledge of the topic, students created 'pet rocks', who they then introduced to the class, practicing their newly-acquired vocabulary. Our adult program worked on similar materials, but in an altered manner, in order to match their age and skill set. 

In the afternoon, our villagers participated in their first cultural hours of the week! Our counselor Lyonya led a cultural hour on art, where villagers began to work on paper кокошники (kokoshniki), traditional Russian headbands, which they could take home with them at the end of the week as a homemade memory of Lesnoe Ozero. Our counselor Slava led a cultural hour on sports, which today included soccer and was enjoyed by adults and younger villagers alike.

For our evening program, our villagers learned a number of dances to Russian songs, including traditional folk dances, a line dance to a popular modern Russian song танцуй без меня (dance without me), and a favorite Russian dance, тройка (trio). After that it was off to cabin counsel and lights out!