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Day Two - Olympic Games

Published: August 17, 2016

Today, villagers experienced their first flag raising of the summer. After breakfast, villagers make sure their cabin is neat and tidy. Then, everyone goes to their language classes. Since today was the first day of classes, villagers were divided into language groups. Each group learned words and concepts that are necessary at camp life.

Before lunch, we had penya (singing). Today, we learned Kalinka, one of our favorite camp songs.

Villagers started their Culture Hours today as well. This is where villagers can sign up for an activity that they would like to do or a topic they would like to learn about. This week, our multitalented staff are offering topics like balalaika, cooking, futbol (soccer), and dance.

After dinner, everyone gathered on the soccer field for an active evening program of Olympic Games. There were 10 stations and each family group competed with each other for the top spot. At the end, final results were tallied and the winners were announced. What a fun way to begin the week! We are looking forward to another excellent day tomorrow, when we will be celebrating Maslinitsa!

Take a look at our Flickr album with photos from the day below! Furthermore, watch two videos from our classes on our YouTube channel.

August 16, 2016 - First Day!