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Closing Banquet

Published: August 20, 2016

Today we celebrated Cheburashka's 50th birthday, as well as villager's last day of programming. In the morning, Concordia Language Villages Group Leaders Martin and Kenji stopped by to oversee the planting of a birch tree to honor our staff member's Boris and Valya's help designing our new banya. Meanwhile, our day campers in Solnechnii Krug celebrated their closing program.

At penya, we sang famous songs from the Cheburashka films: Голубой вагон and Песня крокодила Гены, Russian classics! Lunch was fish and buckwheat, after which villagers enjoyed their last quiet hours and free times. After that, villagers finished up their culture hours and then headed back to their cabins to get ready for our final banquet. The kitchen prepared and absolutely amazing meal for us tonight! There was dozens of salads and appetizers, Chicken Kiev for the main entree, and beautifully colorful cookies for dessert.

After the banquet was our evening program. Starukha Shapoklyak stole all the presents that villagers had made for Cheburashka for his 50th birthday! Villagers had to complete various activities such as drawing and a puzzle to reclaim the presents. After that, everyone gathered around the campfire for our final kostyor. What a great week! View our Flickr album below.

August 19, 2016 - Closing Banquet