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Published: August 9, 2019

Today was the last day of classes for villagers, both credit and non-credit! Our credit villagers finished their final exams and projects. This was a wonderful opportunity for villagers to show off all that they’ve learned, and we are so proud of their incredible accomplishments! Final projects ranged from presentations on villagers’ hometowns and family members to essays on political issues. In our non-credit classes, villagers also prepared presentations, skits, and written work to showcase what they have learned throughout their time at camp. We are so incredibly proud of all that our villagers have done and learned, and hope that they continue their Russian studies!

During free time, many villagers prepared their individual acts and cabin skits for tonight’s concert, and following cultural hours, they got ready for our end-of-program banquet. At the banquet, villagers feasted on a variety of traditional Russian dishes, such as Salad Olivier and Chicken Kiev. No Russian banquet would be complete without toasts, and our staff, and even villagers, took turns delivering toasts (with sparkling apple juice) to all of the people that make Lesnoe Ozero the magical place it is.

At our end-of-program concert, villagers got to show off their amazing talents, such as accordion-playing, singing, dancing, and comedy! We can't wait for International Day tomorrow!