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Baikonur in the woods

Published: June 18, 2015

Today we continued enjoying natural beauty of Lesnoe Ozero and having fun during the Space day in the camp.  

Throughout the day we had intergalactic футбол (soccer) and волейбол (volleyball) battles. During cultural hours we learnt how to cook orbital печенье (cookies) and meteoric оливье (Russian salad). Moreover, we participated in traditional Russian gravity free dancing lesson.

With the speed of light we came to the evening adventure in космос (the space). The starlight team of counselors were welcoming astronaut kids on the Earth to construct space ships. To complete the space mission our little stars started with saving the largest planet of the Solar system. They were throwing Saturn rings back to its' place. Then on the way to the moon where our villagers helped Yuri Gagarin (the first man in space) to feed Laika the dog they had a quick stop on Venus to refill the space ships.

The young adventurers finished the day in the center of the Solar system - around a bonfire.