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August 6- Italian Exchange!

Published: August 7, 2017

This Sunday was more action-packed than most, but it was still a fun and relaxing day for villagers. Villagers got to choose from activities like meditation, film, soccer, and doll-making to fill their day. Our guests from Forest Camp, Irina and Sergei, led a morskoi boi: a water balloon fight modeled after the game Battleship. The cool water was refreshing in the heat!

In the morning, credit students got an expert tutorial in making pelmeni, traditional Russian dumplings. It’s a complicated and intensive process, but our students were up to the task! They got a chance to show off their skills later in the afternoon during an exchange with villagers from Lago del Bosco, the Italian village. Russian villagers showed how to make pelmeni, while Italian students explained the process of making traditional pizza. 

After a restful Sunday, we’re ready to get back into a normal schedule and continue preparing for International Day!


August 6