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August 20- Banquet

Published: August 12, 2017

Today we celebrated the achievements of our amazing villagers with a banquet. First, we had our camp variety show. The performances showcased an amazing variety of talents and knowledge! Then, we had a banquet with Chicken Kiev and delicious ruletka for dessert. Throughout the banquet, we honored the achievements of our villagers with pins for each year of attendance. Our five-year villagers were especially excited to get their cans of sgushenka! We also had a special slide show for our 10-year villagers, Alesha & Dima. It was amazing to look back at where they came from and see how they’ve grown! We also celebrated our 5-year staff member Sonya and 15-year staff member Masha. They are both incredibly multitalented individuals who have contributed to the village in myriad ways!