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August 16th, 2018 - Ivan Kupala

Published: August 16, 2018

During morning lessons today, we emphasized clothes, so that by the time lunch rolled around, our participants were able to name the articles of clothing that they were wearing with confidence! In addition, our participants in the evening also had the opportunity to learn about the Slavic summer holiday, Ivan Kupala. It correlates to the summer solstice, so fittingly a ritual is water games! For that reason, we all together jumped through the stream of our unicorn sprinkler! For the rest of our evening program, camp families visited different stations run by characters of traditional Russian folklore. For example, at the demand of Domovoy, A Russian house spirit, villagers dressed themselves with surprise costume pieces. Lucky for us, we already knew what all the pieces of clothing were called! Villagers also decorated a person made of cardboard to represent Chuchello, an effigy representing winter. The evening ended with a special campfire, where in the flames we burned the Chuchello and warmly welcomed summer.


August 16