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July 1st, 2009

Published: July 1, 2009

Today, the weather was beautiful as began another wonderful day at Lesnoe Ozero. Hopefully, the water will warm up enough so that the beach will open tomorrow!

June 29th and 30th, 2009

Published: July 1, 2009

​The last two days have been filled with learning, laughter and presentations. Click inside to read more about our last two days as Lesnoe Ozero.

A Nice, Relaxing Sunday

Published: June 21, 2009

Yesterday morning, two week villagers said goodbye to their one weeker friends. Later in the day, everyone enjoyed the nice weather and the shallow part of the swimming area that was opened for the first time. In the evening, villagers were divided into two groups and each group created their own Russian fairy tale (skazka). Then, they watched the old cartoon version of Kolobok.

Happy New Year!

Published: June 19, 2009

Today, we celebrate the Russian New Year, imagining that it is December 31st and we are all awaiting Grandfather Frost (Дед Мороз) and his helper, Snegurochka.

Olympiada and Living Pictures

Published: June 18, 2009

Last night, the villagers participated in Olympiada (Olympics) for our evening program. The contests included balancing an orange on a spoon, a three legged race, a wheelbarrow race, and tug-o-war. Everyone had a great time competing in these events, as it was a fun way to end the day and everyone participated.

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