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Wednesday, June 23

Published: June 23, 2010

Another gorgeous day! For today’s evening program, we had a great time playing team-building games with our “family” groups.

Tuesday, June 22

Published: June 23, 2010

A beautiful day! After yesterday's rain, it was exciting to have clear skies and sun! We even got to open the beach today, and many villagers were excited to take their swim test so they could be eligible to swim in the deep end. In language classes today, we focused on getting to know each other, and in cultural classes we chose between three options: cultural crafts & games, sports, and balalaika. In our rotation activities, our new beginner villagers learned to dance the troika,...

Monday, June 21

Published: June 22, 2010

The first day of session RB21 was great! We set up таможня (customs) in the dining hall, and we were happy to see many new villagers and old friends pass through to get their Russian names, have their passports stamped, and change their dollars to rubles.

Sunday, June 20

Published: June 20, 2010

Today was a great break from our usual daily schedule. Click inside to see what we got up to!

Friday, June 18

Published: June 19, 2010

“This was the best experience of my whole life!”

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