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5 Ways to Keep Up With Russian During the School Year

Published: September 21, 2017

Summer 2018 seems so far away (though information about dates and registration is already up for summer sessions!). If you’re worried about forgetting all your Russian during the academic year, look no further than this handy list of 5 strategies to keep up your language skills at home.

5. Cook something!

Practice your reading skills (and cooking chops) by trying out a recipe from this Russian cooking website. You’ll kill two birds with one stone – scratching an itch for delicious Russian cuisine that you normally eat at Lesnoe Ozero and learning recipe vocabulary.








4. Listen to something!

There are many podcasts out there for language learners of all levels. We particularly like the podcast “Spoonful of Russian,” hosted by native speaker Natalia – episodes include poetry reading, vocabulary, common phrases, information about Russian holidays, and more! It’s a great mix of culture and language for a holistic language learning experience.

3. Watch something!

YouTube hosts millions of cat videos, but it’s also a great learning tool! You can watch basically any мультик (cartoon) known to the Russian-speaking world on Союзмульт’s YouTube page. If you’re looking for something an older viewer might like, Мосфильм offers a range of classics from different genres on its page. Let us know if you find any favorites you’d like to watch next summer!

2. Read something!

Michele Berdy is a language expert who’s been living in Moscow for a long time. She writes an English-language column about Russian phrases, grammar, and culture for the Moscow Times.

1. Enjoy something!

You didn’t think we were serious that you have to wait until next summer to experience Lesnoe Ozero again, did you? Of course not! Our Family Fun Weekends provide an opportunity to enjoy camp life as a family. This year’s Family Fun Weekend is from February 16-18 in Bemidji, so remember to pack your шуба!