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Un aventure chez les Voyageurs!

Published: July 4, 2016

We like to think that every day is an aventure with les Voyageurs, but today was exceptional, as we welcomed our first group of day campers (les aventuriers), one-weekers, and les familles, our group of family campers. 

Les aventuriers range in age from 4-10 and get to participate in activities like coloring, learning about animals in le bois, games, swimming, and of course, canoeing, all the while learning French. We have such a fun varied group of kids and they've already been such a blast! 

Our family villagers get a chance to bond as family while relaxing in the forest and the sun. They get a choice of activities that include all sorts of beaux arts (arts and crafts), learning campfire songs en français, swimming, leçons de camping, and canotage. 

The one-weekers focus on building camping and canoeing skills before leaving on a one-night camping trip in Voyageurs National Park. It's an excellent taste of la vie dans la forêt and one-weekers often become two-weeks, taking part in the full two-week program! And of course, our one-weekers learn French and about the history of the French Voyageurs, who travelled this very area in Northern Minnesota 200 years ago! 

Everyone had a fantastic first day at camp, and we're excited for the rest of the week, which includes la journée internationale! 

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