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Published: July 20, 2019

At Lago Del Bosco, it is our mission to create an immersive Italian environment, where the campers have an opportunity to learn both the language and culture, including Italian history, food, and much more. The experience goes beyond their individual participation, and encourages the campers to experience Italy as a community. For example at table, campers are sharing food vocabulary, but are also developing a “taste for Italy.” When participating in games, not only are they enjoying new and different vocabulary, but they also learn Italian history and literature. In the photos attached to this blog, Dante and the Divine Comedy was used to create an Escape Room game that combined teamwork and the Italian experience. It is exciting to see the campers take such interest in the game and challenge themselves through language barriers, new subject material, and confusing surroundings. By the end of the week, campers enthusiastically engaged in these diverse experiences, whether it was singing new songs, playing new games or eating new foods, and we hope they will share this experience beyond our community.