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Julius Caesar and a Discoteca?

Published: August 4, 2017

Ciao parents!

The past two days have been absolutely bonkers, as is usually the case. A ton of photos can be found here. Whaaaat?! The link came first this time?! 

Yesterday morning, as the German and French villagers left our camp after the events of la giornata svizzera (Swiss Day), our colazione (breakfast) was interrupted by the imperial army, sent by Giulio Cesare (Julius Caesar) himself! These soldiers, headed by Mark Antony, made several appearances throughout the day, eventually resulting in a spettacolo that involved a reenactment of the death of Giulio Cesare, and as always, a lot of running around. The villagers took it upon themselves to track down as many of the Roman senators as they could, catch them, solve riddles, and put them in a makeshift prison. This is what I love so much about Lago del Bosco: the kids learn a ton without even realizing it. Disguised as a virtual game of tag, the villagers learned both the history of the Roman Empire, as well as how to respond to the many inquiries of the various senators they needed to capture. Fantastico!

Today was a beautiful day in the woods, and the clouds were so fluffy, they looked like cotton candy. Currently, all of the villagers are at a discoteca presided over by DJ DaVincii (two i's intentionally, for whatever reason). I can hear it from across the camp. They're all dancing the night away to a mix of classical and modern Italian music, as well as international line dances. I should probably join them. Buonanotte!

A Presto,