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Change Places! // Around the World in One Day!

Published: August 7, 2017

Ciao parents!

A couple of days ago was one of my favorite spettacoli that we do here at Lago del Bosco. It's called scambio ruoli (exchange of roles), and it involves all of the villagers swapping targhette (nametags), and dressing/acting like one another. First, the campers went up in front of everyone else in pairs and chose lots from a hat, on which were written the names of the guide of Lago del Bosco. They then constructed a little improvised scene in Italian, acting in the stereotypical ways that those guide comport themselves. When the villagers mustered the courage, they would raise their hands and guess which guida was being portrayed. If they were correct, they weould draw a slip of paper themselves, and so the game continued. As you can imagine, there was almost too much laughter. But that doesn't even compare to the second half...we divided ourselves into casette (cabins), and put on a skit in front of the rest of the village, imitating one another at a specific time of day, usually showcasing what occurs in the various casette when everyone wakes up, or at cabin council before bed. Honestly, this is one of the best spettacoli that we do, as it not only encourage the villagers to speak more Italian, but it pushes improv culture, as well as empathy...but to a certain degree it's just really fun for everyone - both performer and audience.

Today, the entire village uprooted itself and went to the CLV main site in Bemidji, MN. The credit students went to the Russian village and did a pasta exchange of some sort with their villagers. To be honest, I wasn't there, so I really don't know what they did, but I have a lot of pictures that were sent to me, so you can see for yourselves! Hooray! Click here for those. While that was going on, the rest of Lago del Bosco did a giro del mondo (tour of the world), in which we walked through all of the main site camps, starting at Lac du Bois (French), ending at El Lago del Bosque (Spanish), and stopping for dinner at Sjölunden (Swedish) along the way. It was an awesome day, and we all walked many kilometers, so we returned to our camp in Hackensack exhausted but content after the events of the day. 

A Presto,