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Week Two, Day Two!

Published: July 22, 2014

Nature hike!

Ciao family and friends! After a thunderstorm last night, it's a little cooler today with a nice breeze, but the sun is still shining and we've had a wonderful morning. We had giochi di gruppo, where the younger kids reviewed the parts of the body and drew a big person all together. The advanced kids put together a funny skit to present the menu at lunch!  During avventura, the villeggianti chose between ballroom dancing, a nature hike, and making...

Welcome new villeggianti!

Published: July 21, 2014

Water fight!

Ciao family and friends! Today, we welcome three new campers! All of our casette (cabins) are named after regions in Italia. The new campers will be in Piemonte and Svizzera. We can’t wait to meet you! Yesterday was Ferragosto, the mid-August festival! We had a water party with water balloons and water guns! Also, we recreated the battle between the Spartans and the Persians! The Spartan ship was sunk, and the Persians won! Here are pictures of the day...

End of the first week!

Published: July 19, 2014

Sitting around the bonfire!

Hi family and friends! Today, the one-weekers leave! We're going to miss all of them very much, but we hope they'll be back next year!  Here are some pictures from a few days ago (apologies for the delay) of the spettacolo (evening program). These pictures are from the spettacolo Giallo, or yellow, the name for an Italian mystery novel! We made  a real live mystery: it was the 18th birthday of noble Antonella, and she had a beautiful party on the...

Day 2: Giulio Cesare

Published: July 17, 2014

Singing buonanotte orsettino on the beach!

Hi family and friends! Yesterday, the spettacolo (after-dinner show) was Giulio Cesare. After a delicious dinner of salsiccia e broccoli (sausage and broccoli), freshly baked pane (bread) and a dessert of fresh fragole (strawberries), we all gathered on the beach. Several Roman senators in togas were there to greet us. They were angry because Giulio Cesare, the Roman emperor, was refusing to feed the people of Rome. Ever since he had started dating Cleopatra, he had been ignoring...

Day 1: Imitare L'Arte (Imitating Art)

Published: July 16, 2014

Making a live painting!

Hey family and friends!  Yesterday was the first full day at camp. At breakfast, Super Italiana came to visit! Everyone who wanted to speak ONLY Italian for the whole day took an oath and received a special Super Italiano/a targhetta, or Super Italian nametag.  After breakfast, credit kids had lezioni (class) and the rest of the villeggianti split into three groups for giochi di gruppo, where we do vocabulary and games! The beginners,...

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