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Journée Leaders Politiques Francophones

Published: July 30, 2017

Villagers present candidate Jean Claude

​Villagers learn about French/Francophone politics and vote for their own candidate at Lac du Bois!

Allez, allez, allez, allez, allez Journée Internationale!

Published: August 12, 2016

​Read all about our day at Waldsee for La Journée Internationale!

Journée Suisse

Published: August 19, 2015

​We had a fun Journée Suisse today with our two Swiss staff members! Look inside for more details.

Au revoir les villageois!

Published: August 15, 2015

​We wrapped up three different sessions today! Check out the pictures!

​Journée Sénégalaise

Published: August 14, 2015

​Having a variety of international staff members is extremely beneficial here at Lac du Bois. Yesterday, our staff members from Sénégal taught us about their traditions and customs!

Journée Maghreb

Published: August 11, 2015

​We had visitors today at Lac du Bois for our journée Maghreb! Look inside to find out more!

Allez, allez, allez, allez, allez Journée Internationale​!

Published: August 8, 2015

La Journée Internationale was a big hit yesterday! We enjoyed being able to hang out with the nine other villages for a little while! Look inside for photos!

Le Weekend de Crédits

Published: August 2, 2015

Bonjour les familles et amis des crédits! We said goodbye to our two-week villagers today and started our credit weekend! The crédits took their mid-session exams today, and then were able to relax for the rest of the night. We had an American themed dinner with BBQ chicken, macaroni and cheese, chocolate mousse, and some other American food! After dinner, we got ready for a second dance - at El Lago del Bosque (the Spanish village). We headed over...

Journée Guerre de Trente Ans

Published: July 31, 2015

​We had visitors today! Check inside for pictures!

Journée Suisse

Published: July 23, 2015

​How many people can say that they had the chance to play the Alphorn, learn how to Swiss wrestle, go on a pontoon boat, play soccer, and learn three new languages all in one day? Our campers had that opportunity today! Look inside for a detailed description of Journée Suisse and the many photos we took.

Journée Coupe du Monde Féminine

Published: July 2, 2015

We spent today preparing for la journée internationale tomorrow! Look inside for pictures!

Journée Maghreb

Published: June 29, 2015

​We did a day-long simulation today of the Tunisian Revolution and other parts of the 2010 Arab Spring. The villageois (villagers) had many amazing insights, and it was inspiring to see them reflect on current events. Look inside for pictures!

Journée 1ère Guerre Mondiale

Published: June 26, 2015

Today our theme was the First World War and France's involvement in the fight. We started our day with a breakfast skit simulating the start of the war. One of our monos (counselors) pushed another mono, and then their friends got involved. The kids thought it was a good way to show in simpler terms how the war started. For breakfast, we had a camp favorite - croissants! There's no better way to start out a day at Lac du Bois than with...

Journée Napoléon 

Published: June 18, 2015

​Our journée Napoléon included hilarious skits and a large game of Capture the Flag. We had a fun day, and hope that you can share in the fun by looking through our pictures from the day!