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Journée Sénégal 

Published: August 22, 2018

Salut!  Today was the second full day of all the activities for the villagers. We spent the day learning about the cultures in Sénégal, eating authentic food from the country in West Africa, and getting to know more about the Francophone world! During the veillée (evening program), we got to learn some expressions in Wolof, one of the languages spoken in Sénégal, besides drumming, a fashion show, and small food tasting! 

It was quite fitting that today was Journée Sénégal, because today was a national holiday there! Today was Tabaski, and the Senegalese people celebrate the holiday through buying a lamb and sharing it with people who are less privileged. As part of this celebration, we ate lamb during dinner and also at the food-tasting station!

After the evening program, we went down to the beach and sang songs. It is great to see how more villagers are singing and participating now, with more time under their belt at Lac du Bois!  Tomorrow, we will continue with normal activities and we will also see the continuation of Plaisirs d'Amour, our soap opera, based on La Belle et La Bête (Beauty and the Beast) ! 

We can't wait for more fun tomorrow! Enjoy the photos!