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Journée Saint-Louis

Published: July 10, 2019

Dancing all together

Bonjour !  Hello! Today's theme was 'Saint-Louis,' which is a city found in the north of Senegal. Founded in 1659, Saint-Louis was originally known as Ndar, a name which comes from the Wolof language spoken in Senegal, and was named Saint-Louis after the French king Louis XIV. The city has been classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO since 2000! Click here to learn more about the city and to see some pictures! Throughout the day we ate delicious food from Senegal, including Thiboudienne (pronounced tee-boo-JEN), the national dish. Here is a recipe if you'd like to make it at home!

Parading down the path with our buildings!

For our veillée (evening program), we celebrated le Fanal, which is a showcase of songs which takes place at the end of December. This performance is accompanied by a parade of floats which resemble buildings in the city. This article has great pictures and describes the parade in detail! Tonight, each pavillion, or cabin, created its own miniature float and we celebrated with a parade. We ended the evening with live music, dancing, and a campfire down by the beach.

To friendship and festivities,


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